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п»їSilay Start Inc.


This Thesis Project entitled

Automated Library Book Reservation Program through Bar code Scanning (Silay Institute)


Abainza, Kathrina Ann

Osano, Tristan

ParreГ±o, Lorme

Villanueva, Muffet

And Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements to the subject System Examination and Design


Mister. Benedict John B. Nufable

Thesis Advisor

1 . zero Introduction

Nowadays, students are generally not fond of starting the collection since it is very time consuming to go in there, research for a book, after which know that the book was already borrowed or maybe the book they are really looking for is usually not yet available in the catalogue. This proposal aims to enhance our current Library System. Students can now check for and reserve offered books for borrowing in the library devoid of going generally there. This will conserve time for students instead of going in to the library and search for the book they can be looking for and after that know that the book was already borrowed. As well, in this suggested system students can verify whether the collection has that book they are really looking for or not. Two computers will probably be placed in the lobby in the main building; this is in convenience for the College Students since most of their is being kept in place. These computers are linked in a server which is situated in the selection. 1 . one particular Background with the Study

Silay Institute, Inc. also Silay Institute and formally known by their acronym DANS LE CAS OU, is a non-public, co-educational institution of learning. The school, at first a high college, was established in 1925 after a group of concerned citizens a new survey done regarding the feasibility of beginning such a school to serve the children from the locality, whom after away from preliminary education, had simply no opportunities to get acquiring second education. A nearby doctor, Dr . Luis Gamboa, initiated plans for creating the school; this individual later started to be its first President. Another local homeowner, Ramon Legaspi, secured the essential government lets, drew up the first subjects and procured instructional supplies for the institution. In 1967, the school applied for power to operate school. In the year 2k, Silay Commence saw the requirement to further their service to the Silaynons and other young people from other municipalities, thus until now, extended to give quality Christian education that is relevant and accessible to all. 1 . 2 Declaration of the Trouble

The purpose of this kind of study should be to develop an automatic Library Do reservation System through Barcode Scanning that will help the students of Silay Institute.

This study is definitely specially aimed to answer the subsequent questions: 1 . Who will benefit from this system?

2 . How will this method affect the college students?

3. Precisely what is the benefit of this proposed system to the college?

1 . 3 Objective from the Study

1 . 3. one particular General Objective

To develop an Automated Library Do reservation System that will help the students and make the process of borrowing of books inside the Library convenient.

1 . a few. 2 Specific Objective

For making borrowing of books inside the Library easy.

To enhance the existing Library system from manual to automatic To create a program that will help pupils save time when borrowing a book in the Library. To promote the use of the Selection to the college students.

1 . 5 Significance of the Study

Automated Library Book Reservation System will be beneficial to the subsequent:

To the Learners. The recommended system will assist save their particular time and effort the moment borrowing a book from the Catalogue.

To the College. The suggested system will make the school more complex in technology, thus will increase its pupil population.

To the Researchers. This kind of study will certainly serve as basis for other systems, developers or perhaps programmers. It will probably be helpful to these people when growing or conducting other studies for better output.

In materialization of the research, the researchers have got...

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