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The Overhead Projector (OHP)

August twenty-four, 2012


Overhead Projectors are still being utilized in a lots of schools, similar to the Israel. It is not since modern as other gadgets, but it still serves their purpose which is to show enlarged images upon screen.

I. Description

The Overhead Projector is a great optical gadget for displaying images in screen, usually for group viewing. The OHP is principally used for projecting charts, sketches, and other materials prepared upon sheets of transparent plastic material.

II. Techniques

• You can show pictures and diagrams, using a pointer for the transparency to direct focus on a detail. The shape of your pointer will show in motion around the screen.

• You can use a felt paper or wax-based pencil to include details or to make items on the openness during discharge.

• You can control the rate of presenting info by masking a openness with a piece of newspaper or cardboard (opaque material) and then subjecting data as you are ready to talk about each level. This is referred to as Progressive Disclosure Technique.

• You can superimpose additional openness sheets as overlays on the base openness so as to independent processes and complex ideas into factors and present them in step-by-step order.

• You probably can indicate three-dimensional items from the stage of the projector-in silhouette in case the object is usually opaque or in color if an object is made of translucent color plastic-type.

• You are able to move contribution back and forth over the base to be able to rearrange components of diagrams or problems.

• For particular purpose, you are able to simulate motion on elements of a transparency by using the effects of polarized lumination.

• You can simultaneously project on an adjacent screen different visual components, usually 35mm slides or motion pictures, which demonstrate or apply the generalization shown on the transparency.

Various other reminders on the effective make use of the OHP are:

• Stand away to one side of the OHP while you face the students.

• Don't speak on the screen. Face the scholars when you talk, not the screen.

• Place the OHP on your right, if you are right passed, and to your left in case you are left presented with.

• You can put OHP on a table low enough in order that it does not block you or maybe the screen.

• Have the top of the screen tilted forward on the OHP to stop the " keystone effect” (where the best of the screen is bigger than the bottom).

• Enough time mistake of including a lot of detail on each image. A simple layout makes an effective slide. If an audience needs to be given details, offer handouts to become studied later on.

• Steer clear of large furniture of numbers. Come up with graphic presentations.

• Don't read the text on your slide. Your audience can see.

• Avoid too much text. Rely occassionaly on printed text. Produce more charts, diagrams, or pictures.

• Your presentation must be understandable from very far.

• Simple use of color can add effective emphasis.

III. Advantages

• The projector itself is not hard to operate.

• The OHP is used inside the front with the room by instructor that has complete control over the series, timing, and manipulation of the material.

• Facing his class and observing scholar reactions, the instructor can guideline his viewers, control the attention, and regulate the flow of information in the display.

• The projected image behind the instructor can be as huge as necessary for a lot of in the audience to see; it can be clear and bright, also in quite well-lighted bedrooms.

• Since the transparency, as it is positioned on the projector, is seen by the instructor just as students find it on the display screen, he may stage, write, or make signs upon it to assist in communication.

• The stage (projection surface) of the projected is large (10 simply by 10...

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