Rest Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs

 Essay regarding Sleep Deprival, Disorders, and medicines

Sleeping Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs

JoAnna Gonzales


August, 18, 2013

Dean J. Marzofka

Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs

Some people might not be aware of the effects or causes of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can affect their moods, behaviors, cognitive, and motor abilities. The lack of rest may be the response to one's environment, a sleep disorder, or perhaps certain medicines. To gain a much better understanding of rest deprivation, we all will look at the different sleeping stages, common sleep disorders, as well as the possibility of medication remedies. I will also include an individual experience and reflect on the effect that occurred in my character and tendencies due to becoming deprived of sleep. Sleep occurs in various stages which range from wakefulness to dreaming. As this process progresses the activity in brain waves changes. This brain activity can be scored using electroencephalograms. Stage one particular is a change state among sleeping and waking. Through this stage " EEG is low-voltage, high-frequency signal that is certainly similar to, yet slower than, that of notify wakefulness. ” (Pinel, 2011, p. 357). In this stage the eyes move more little by little and the muscles activity drops as well. Stage 1 sleeping is a lumination sleep level and one can be woke up easily. In stage 2 the brain surf become sluggish with an intermittent burst of rapid dunes known as sleeping spindles. (Pinel, 2011). At this time the body temperatures begins to drop and the heart rate begins to reduce in a relaxed state. (" Stages of Sleep”|psychcentral|n. deb. pp. 3). The changeover between mild and profound sleep result from stage several. " Level 3 rest EEG is defined by occasional presence of delta waves- the biggest and slowest EEG dunes. ” (Pinel, 2011, s. 358). The deepest stage of sleeping before achieving REM rest is level 4. This stage this stage also displays the greatest amounts of delta waves. (" Stages of Sleep”|psychcentral|n. deb. pp. 3). According to Pinel, (2011) when a person reaches stage 4, they can be in that level...

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