RIZAL S TIMELINE Dissertation



-After four years in medication Rizal left the country to keep his analyze in The european union May 3, 1882

-Boarded SS Nazareno to Singapore

May being unfaithful, 1882

-Arrived after your five days and stayed to get 2 times in Singapore

May 13, 1882

-On his approach to Marseilles, Rizal a new terrible dream. He imagined he was vacationing with Neneng (Saturnina) and the path was blocked by snakes. May17, 1882

-Rizal arrived at Clavillo de Gales.

May 18, 1882

-At 7: 35 a. meters., he kept Punta para Gales to get Colombo. Inside the afternoon, Rizal arrived at Colombo and in evening time the trip was started again. May 26, 1882

-Rizal was nearing the Africa coast

May 27, 1882

-He landed at Aden at about 8: 30 a. m. He made observation during the time. June a couple of, 1882

-He arrived at the Suez Cacera en route to Marseilles.

June three or more, 1882

-He was quarantined on board the Djemnah in the Suez Cacera.

June six, 1882

-It was the next day at Suez Canal and was still quarantined on board with the boat. 06 7, 1882

-Rizal arrived at Port Stated. In a notice to his parents, He described his trip en route to Aden over the Suez Channel. June eleven, 1882

-Rizal disembarked and, accompanied by a information, went throughout the City of Bonita springs for one hour. This was the first European ground this individual set ft . on. June 12, 1882

-At eight o'clock later in the day, the boat anchored at Marseilles. He slept on board. 06 13, 1882

-Early on the morning this individual landed at Marseilles and boarded in the Noalles Motel. Later this individual around to get observation. Summer 15, 1882

-He left Marseilles for Barcelona in an express educate.

-stopped to get a day at Port Bou

Summer 16, 1882

-reached Barcelona

-" Amor Patrio”(LaongLaan), " Mis Viajes” and " Requisa de Madrid” Fall of 1882

-studied in Unibersidad Central para Madrid

Sept 1882

-continued Medicine and Philosophy and Letters

January 31, 1882

-Involved in Circulo Hispano-Pilipino

-requested simply by members to create a composition " They ask me for Verses” March 1883...

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