Avoidance of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance

 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance Essay



PREVENTION OF RUDENESS TO FAMILY PETS ORDINANCE Feuille Number Version Date Very long title 30/06/1997

To prohibit and penalize cruelty to animals. [29 November 1935] (Originally 44 of 1935 (Cap 169 1950)) Section: 1 Short title 30/06/1997

This Ordinance may be offered as preventing Cruelty to Animals Code. Section: two Interpretation L. N. 331 of 1999 01/01/2000

In this Ordinance, unless the circumstance otherwise requires" animal" (動物) includes any kind of mammal, fowl, reptile, spermatophyte, fish or any other vertebrate or invertebrate whether outrageous or acquire; (Replaced 53 of 1979 s. 2) " health inspector" (衞生督察) has the which means assigned simply by section a couple of of the Public Health and Municipal Services Code (Cap 132); (Added 31 of 60 Eighth Schedule. Amended 10 of 1986 s. 32) " wellness officer" ( 衞生主任 ) has the meaning assigned simply by section several of the Meaning and General Clauses Code (Cap 1); (Added 35 of 60 Eighth Schedule) " mature veterinary officer" (高級獸醫官) includes any vet officer approved by the Overseer of Culture, Fisheries and Conservation to perform the tasks of a senior veterinary official under this Ordinance; (Replaced 53 of 1979 t. 2 . Corrected L. In. 331 of 1999) " vessel" (船隻) includes virtually any ship or perhaps boat or any type of other information of ship used in course-plotting. (Amended 40 of 1960 Eighth Schedule) Section: 3 Penalty for cruelty to animals 3 of 06\ 15/12/2006

(1) Any person who(a) cruelly surpasses, kicks, ill-treats, over-rides, over-drives, overloads, question, infuriates, or perhaps terrifies any kind of animal, or perhaps causes or procures or perhaps, being the owner, permits any kind of animal being so used, or perhaps, by wantonly or unreasonably doing or omitting to do any take action, causes any unnecessary suffering or, becoming the owner, enables any pointless suffering to become so caused to any dog; or (b) being in charge of any animal in confinement or captivity or for the duration of transport from a single place to one more, neglects to provide such dog with satisfactory food and sufficient fresh water; or (c) conveys or perhaps carries, or perhaps causes or procures or perhaps, being the proprietor, permits to get conveyed or perhaps carried, virtually any animal in such a manner or perhaps position or stuck in a job case, cage or container of this sort of construction or perhaps such small dimensions as to subject this to unnecessary pain or suffering; or perhaps (d) loads any animal into or discharges any kind of animal coming from any yacht or railway truck onto another boat or railway truck or on to a wharf or on to the banks, or onto any platform in such a way or perhaps with such appliances concerning subject these kinds of animal to needless or perhaps avoidable struggling; or (e) causes, procures or facilitates at the struggling with or baiting of any kind of animal, or perhaps keeps, uses, manages, or acts or perhaps assists in the management of any areas or place for the purpose, or partly and for the purpose, of fighting or baiting any dog, or lets any building or destination to be so kept, been able or used, or receives, or triggers or procures any person to get, money for the entrance of any person to such premises or place; or perhaps (f) engages, or triggers or procures or, getting the owner, enables to be employed, in a work or perhaps labour virtually any animal which, in consequence of any disease, infirmity, wound or sore, or otherwise, is unfit to become so utilized; or (g) brings in to Hong Kong, or perhaps drives, carries, transports, takes away, or offers or will keep, or knowingly suffers to



be got or retained under his control or on his property, any creature in any way which might cause that needless or perhaps avoidable suffering, (Amended 65 of 99 s. 3) shall be liable on brief summary conviction into a fine of $200000 and imprisonment for 3 years. (Amended 22 of 1950 Schedule; 53 of 1979 s. 3; 3 of 06\ s. 2) (2) To get the purposes of this section, an owner shall be deemed to have allowed cruelty in the event that he shall have did not exercise reasonable care and supervision in regards to the safeguard of the creature thereform: Given that where a great owner is definitely convicted of permitting rudeness within the...

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