September you, 1939 Research

 Essay about September one particular, 1939 Examination

Heitor Oliveira

English 1B

Midterm Examination

September you, 1939 research

Written by W. H. Auden, the composition September you, 1939 is a criticism in the institution of war during history before the outbreak of WWII, stopping with a meaning of optimism the human competition. The composition has seven eleven-lined stanzas with no pair of rhymes, scheme, or a ideal meter, referring to different matters of oppression, war and inner issue. Referring to the German attack in Biskupiec, poland in 1939, Auden publishes articles while soaking in a pub in New York City, noting the actions of people around him: people continue to carry on their normal comes from spite from the horrors of war occurring abroad. The message of September 1, 1939 can be timeless. Even though referring to a meeting more than 70 years ago, the poem gained popularity following terrorist disorders of September 11, 2001. The composition is a criticism of multiple things in society at that time. Auden appeals to man to reflect on topics such how German history led to the outbreak of WWII, the democratic industrialized man, and human sins concluding with a message of hope: people need to ignore their limitations and variations and recognize that we must take pleasure in each other.

The first two stanzas refer to the The german language invasion of Poland and also other historical accounts of conflict that may have brought wonder to countries, but many persons suffered. Inside the first stanza the loudspeaker has a evident tone of sadness, which is very visible due to the utilization of words as " Doubtful, afraid, anger and fear”. In the second stanza the speaker makes a reference to Linz, which is metropolis where Hitler was born. Auden chooses what " psychopathic god” to refer to Hitler, giving that it was his the choice to get into Poland. The final two content of the second stanza will be:

" The unmentionable odor of loss of life

Offends the September night time. ”

These two lines are a clear reference to the invasion. This individual uses the term " unmentionable” to express which the death and destruction was...

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