Essay regarding Rizal

Rome to Bremen (1885-87)

* Rizal went to Rome and Indonesia in order to focus on ophthalmology. 5. To remedy his mom's illness.

5. Barcelona

- stopped in Barcelona to visit, Maximo Viola

- Befriended Eusebio Corominas – editor of La publicidad. Don Miguel Morayta (owner)

- Article on the " Caroline's Question”

* In Gay Paris, france November 1885 (four months)

- Worked well as an assistant to Dr . John de Weckert, leading French Opthalmologist

- Stopped at his good friends: Tavera's, Juan Luna. Felix R. Hidalgo, Paz Pardo de Tavera

-- " The Monkey plus the Turtle” Silencio album JPR drew several sketches

- spent happy hours in Luna's studio, improved his own piece of art technique and posing since model in a number of paintings:

1 ) The Loss of life of Cleopatria

installment payments on your The Blood Compact

* Rizal as musician:

" We learned the solfeggio, the piano, the voice lifestyle in one and a half, If you can hear myself sing, you will wish you were vacation because my personal voice is a lot like the braying of the asses” (Letter to de Lete dated November. 27, 1878)

- Flute – the sole instrument Rizal could play

- Arrangement:

1 . Alin Mang Lahi2. La Deportacion

* Visited Strasbourg (capital of Alsace Lorraine)

February 1, 1886

* Historical Heidelberg (Historic city of Germany)

- Occupied a boarding house with German legislation students to make Rizal a part of the Chess Player's Club

- Transported near the School where he worked well as an assistant to Dr . Otto Becker, A language like german opthalmologists

- Attended lectures of Dr . Becker and Prof. Wilhelm Kuehne

-- Visited scenic spots about Heidelberg

- Observed that the German born Catholics and Protestants used ecumenism or perhaps they existed together in harmony and cordiality.

-”To the Plants of Heidelberg”

a fine composition Rizal composed on Apr 22, 1886

* With Pastor Ullmer at Wilhemlmsfeld

2. Spent a three-month summer vacation in mountainous community near Heidelberg * Stayed in the vicarage of a kind...

the High Expense of a Bad Check

The High Expense of a Bad Check

While an individual bad check may well not be an excessive amount of a problem, many of them can cause havoc on your own budget. You should pay a bank payment which can range between twenty to thirty us dollars or even more. You may also need to pay the same value to the individual or shop for the inconvenience you possess caused.


tips Regarding ESTABLISHING Of Merchant Account

Tips Regarding ESTABLISHING Of Merchant Account

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