Research and Patient Care

 Essay regarding Research and Patient Attention

1 . |Which of the subsequent approaches ideal a health professional seeking an answer to a medical question linked to patient care? | A)|using intuition to reply to the question

B)|asking the specialized medical nursing manager

C)|reading a textbook regarding the subject

D)|reading current research on the subject

2 . |The conscious and intentional make use of research and theory-based data to make decisions and answer scientific questions regarding patient care delivery is known as: | A)|research utilization review

B)|evidence-based practice

C)|systematic assessment options

D)|quality assurance assessment

3. |In order to develop evidence-based practice, nurses has to be able to: | A)|critically examine and work with research smartly

B)|organize and perform specialized medical research

C)|make decisions about patient care delivery

D)|use an experiential base to supply care

4. |Currently the emphasis in nursing is usually on:

A)|finding answers to clinical queries encountered every day| B)|understanding research dialect and the study process| C)|using research and theory because evidence for patient attention decisions| D)|refining the art of affected person care by making use of intuitive wisdom

5. |In which in the following information sources could a nurse be almost certainly to find a main research survey? | A)|Psychological Abstracts


C)|The credit card catalog


6. |In nursing, the systematic gathering of information to achieve, expand, or validate understanding of health identifies which of the following actions? | A)|research




several. |Key aspects of the research process are that it can be:

A)|intuitive, descriptive, and respected

B)|experiential, thorough, and suitable

C)|systematic, designed, and organized

D)|narrow, focused, and generalizable

almost eight. |The summary of a exploration report is useful in helping the nurse to: | A)|understand the research analyze

B)|make decisions about scientific...

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