personal reflection on decision making

 Essay about personal reflection on decision making

Personal expression on decision making

The decision production process is evident everyday whether it be the decision to participate an organization, keep an organization or merely want to participate in a task. There are many decision making theories that have been developed throughout the years, nearly all which have almost certainly been used by everyone at some time during their life span, whilst that they still attempt to find a ideal managerial making decisions style for future years. On various occasions through my life I have discovered myself in a situation where I need to critically examine and determine my scenario in order to solve an issue. The most recent of which came just a year ago where I had decided to submit a change of status kind to the university to change courses from Chemistry to Business Administration. The decision producing theory I had fashioned unintentionally used was the rational- decision making unit. Rationality can be defined as " a method of conduct that is appropriate to the achievement of presented goals, inside the limits made by presented conditions and constraints” (Herbert A. Sue, 1976). Following having discovered the issue of possessing a disinterest and a detest in Chemistry I did not know what I wanted to examine thereafter. It could have been unintelligent to run into a non-programmable decision as I could not afford to make the same oversight and risk picking a great incompatible course due to economical and personal factors. Despite my parents attempting to swing me to certain themes and go my making decisions process I actually evaluated other courses without bias in order to have as much possibility of making the right decision " In logical decision making, desired goals and alternatives are made specific, the consequences of pursuing distinct alternatives will be calculated and these outcomes are examined in terms of just how close they can be to the goals” (Simon, 1987). Despite noticing some programs which I could have enjoyed, these were eliminated as a choice thanks...

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