Place 6

 Essay regarding Region six

AKLAN " Residence of Piña Fiber as well as the Rambutan Centre for Asia” Physical characteristic:

estimated property area of 181, 789 hectares.

located between 12°N, 11°19' S i9000 and between 121°50' W, 122°35' E, bordered by the Sulu Ocean on the northwest, the Sibuyan Sea around the northeast and the east, by province of Antique on the west, through the province of Capiz on the southern. northernmost limit - Lapuz-Lapuz point on Boracay Area (Malay) southernmost limit is that point in the municipality of Libacao where borders of Aklan, Vintage, Capiz meet up with. easternmost section of the province is the eastern shoreline of Mambuquiao Bay in the municipality of Batan westernmost location is usually Pucio Level (Buruanga).

Organic Sciences:

Manduyog Hill (Banga, Aklan)

Given its name Datu Manduyog, successor of lawgiver Kalantiaw III. It can be 500 toes high with life-size Areas of the Cross winding up the hillside and a church at the peak overlooking the countryside. Ob-Ob Hill(Batan, Aklan)

Stands 200 meters excessive like a light-house facing the Sibuyan Ocean. At the feet of the rocky hill is actually a fine seaside. Tinagong Dagat

8 kilometers. long and 4 kilometres. wide, among Altavas and Batan, partly hidden via Batan Gulf by two islands, surrounded with mangroves, thick undergrowth and rugged beach. Tigayon Hill(Kalibo, Aklan)

A solitary huge batch of sturdy rock amidst stretches of flatlands. Among the sides is actually a shallow give with an arched access. Inside invariably is an altar-like rock and roll and two bench-like rock and roll formations on its area. Ignito Cave(Buruanga, Aklan)

In your area known as Elephant Cave due to the appearance. This kind of and other nearby caves are managed by the San Lorenzo Ruiz Plantation Eco-Tourism Cooperative. Beautiful limestone formations of stalagmites, stalactites, and other crystalline structures are plentiful. It has a " skylight" in a single of it is chambers that lets within a soft shine of light in noontime.

Liloan Citrus Farm(Malinao, Aklan)

A location where several fruits are readily available interspersed with colorful anthuriums and heliconias. Tigis Falls(Buruanga, Aklan)

Remote in an region good being a summer hideaway for its great surroundings. Basang and Hurom-Hurom Cold Springs(Nabas, Aklan)

These alternative summer time destinations provide the beauty of fresh water gushing from nature-hewn rocks and exhilarating experience down via Gibon water in a kayak. Boracay Area (Manok-Manok & Yapak)

Haven Island in the Philippines. It can be world-famous because of its fine and lovely palm-fringed sugar-fine white sand beach locations, azure waters, coral reefs, and unusual shells. Its area can be 1083 hectares consisting of 3 barangays particularly Balabag, Manok-manok, and Yapak. Agnaga Falls(Malay, Aklan)

A scenic look at awaits visitors as they swimming in its clear waters. This can be a perfect hideaway especially during summer as the cool drinking water beats heat. Tigwati-an Tropical isle (Crystal Cove)

Shells of varying sizes and varieties lie in its predominantly white sand seashore. Caves with interesting transparent formations can be found in the area. This island then is located around Boracay Tropical isle. Jawili Falls(Tangalan, Aklan)

Offers seven basins tiered about 20 feet apart. The best basin is approximately 100 ft high, oval-shaped, around 240 sq . ft. in area, and doze feet profound with very clear water almost like a small pond. The various other basins happen to be of similar shapes from 130 sq ft. to 240 sq ft. in area and 8-10 feet deep apart from the sixth basin, which has a swimming part of around 540 square feet. Tulingon Cave

thought to be one of the lengthiest caves inside the Philippines. A survey shows an enormous put in of guano. Fatima Hillside

noted because of its stations from the cross around the hillside culminating in a church made of marbled on top of the hill. Lilac Sisters Convent

Everything here is pink, through the convent's act to detroit and to the nuns' attires.


Akeanon, English, Tagalog, Hiligaynon, and Cebuano.


rice, hammer toe, coconut, jute, and pottery making, piña cloth weaving, abaca and bamboo handmade items. Pottery making and take rice (ampaw), make clay-based...

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