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Executive Synopsis

The purpose of this kind of paper is to present an in depth analysis of the luxury retail industry. This kind of report will certainly examine almost all pertinent facets of Nordstrom Incorporation. and the extremely competitive full industry simply by focusing on the style specialty malls.

The U. H. economy continues to be hit hard due to rising oil rates, the menace of inflation, and excessive unemployment charge, resulting in low consumer self confidence. Consumers are already pleagued with the bugs and are trading down in consumer favorites and the actual spend their discretionary money on. Top quality products with world class customer support and its fresh inventory system are the key reasons why Nordstrom is still a innovator in the retail industry. With an analysis of internal plus the external environment, the record identifies ten key consequence areas which can be strategically resolved to improve Nordstrom's competitive situation and economical success.

The key effect areas are instrumental in the position of Nordstrom against competition on the market and are layed out below. •World Class Customer support – The great, legendary customer support of Nordstrom is its biggest power and it is what differentiates by itself from its opponents.

•Demand for Web commerce and M-Commerce – The high demand for online and cellular channels signify a great opportunity for Nordstrom.

•Innovative Technology Development – The purchase of HauteLook assisted Nordstrom in the quest to end up being known as a technically friendly merchant.

•Change in Consumer Shopping for Patterns – There is continue to a want for the luxurious apparel that Nordstrom provides, and Nordstrom strategies to open sixteen new Tray outlet stores at the conclusion of 2012.

•Advertising – Nordstrom made a determination to make improvements to it is loyalty put in 2012, by providing reward credit cards. Social Media and word of mouth advertising can be an quite effective marketing channel at an extremely low price.

•Limited Geographic Presence – Nordstrom functions only in the US. Emerging countries such as the BRICs are exhibiting growth chances in the luxurious market and Nordstrom ought to look to increase in these areas. Nordstrom truly does plan to continue US development by starting some further full series stores at the conclusion of 2012.

•Improved Profitability –Nordstrom has the greatest sales per square feet among it is competitor this year with $382 per Sq Ft when compared with $154 every Sq Ft for Macy's.

•Increased Employees & Schooling –The rapid expansion in the stores and the new technology intro result in with regard to an increased staff and training.

The following recommendations have been created to help Nordstrom in its future success: •To export unsold products from the Nordstrom Rack " second hand” stores in a new Nordstrom brand " third hand” store in the developing countries such as Latina America, Africa and Southern region Asia. •Adding this new products on hand segment just like crystal and china desk settings or perhaps other high-end kitchenware. It would allow Nordstrom to offer wedding registries and could even expand into celebration planning to their customers in the future. •A mobile shuttle bus for shopping parties may be used being a marketing strategy to get the Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores. Nordstrom could have specific inventory buses such as a jeans tour bus, a cocktail dress bus, or perhaps home shopping parties.


The following statement will provide you with a complete look at the luxurious retail sector and the difficulties it is presently facing which includes an complex analysis of Nordstrom Inc. (JWN). A great examination of Nordstrom's current strengths and weaknesses will eventually reveal options of improvement, resulting in short and permanent strategies which can be implemented to assure a successful foreseeable future for the business.

The industry as a whole offers faced difficult times as a result of current condition of the economic climate. The price tag industry is known as a sector with the economy that is certainly comprised...

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